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Clock Radio Spy Camera
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Clock Radio Spy Camera


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The EZ-CLOCKDVR is a full featured all in one spy camera with a built in DVR cleverly disguised within a fully-functional Clock Radio. They'll never suspect it's a recorder!
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Silver Resolution

420 Line - Standard definition.

Wide Angle Lens

Wide Angle Lenses make it easier to record a wide area with a single still security camera..

This product includes
Power Supply
Wiring & Connectors
Recording Device

EZ-CLOCKDVR Covert Spy Camera With A Built-in Digital Recorder


The EZ-CLOCKDVR is a full featured all in one spy camera with a built in DVR cleverly disguised within a fully-functional Clock Radio. They'll never suspect it's a recorder!

Hidden inside of this functional Clock Radio is a 420 line Sony board camera with a 3.6mm wide angle pinhole lens. The DVR records high quality MPEG-4 compressed video onto a removable SD memory card. The system comes with a 4-Gig memory card that can hold up to 100 hours of full motion video.


All features of the clock radio work perfectly, allowing it to blend in seamlessly to any room or area. It features AM/FM radio, dual alarm, nature sounds (seashore and rainfall), and a built-in projector to display the time on a nearby wall or ceiling. Even when inspected closely, the camera is invisible making this item perfect for any location!

With built-in motion detection, the system can be set up to only record when it sees motion. The DVR will record a full 30 images per second at 320x240 resolution. To play back the video, you simply plug the provided cable into a television or an LCD monitor with an RCA input jack.

The system comes with an IR remote control for configuration and setup.

This amazing hidden camera comes with everything you need to be up and recording in minutes. It is so simple to set up and operate that a child could do it. This amazing little spy camera with a built in digital recorder is so reliable and easy to use that you can simply set it and forget it.

Tiny But Powerful Spy Camera

The covert clock radio camera is perfect for homes or offices. It can be hidden almost anywhere and is the perfect tool to catch a cheating spouse or a thief red handed. All you need to do is turn the camera on and walk away. Come back later to see what evidence you have captured

Built-in Video Motion Detection

With built-in video motion detection, the unit only records video when it sees motion. This amazing feature means that you don't have to sit through hours of recorded video of an empty room to find the scenes that matter to you. When you play back, you can quickly find what you want.

Wide Angle Pinhole Lens

The tiny pinhole lens captures high resolution color video that is recorded onto the unit for later playback. The pinhole lens is about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen which makes this unit incredibly flexible and its covert appearance will not draw any suspicion.

Play Back On Any TV

Once you have captured your video evidence, you can play the video back on any television with the included RCA cable. The play, fast forward, pause and reverse buttons are located right on the infrared remote control for ease of use.


This Spy Camera Is Perfect For The Following Applications:

  • Catch A Cheating Spouse - Get the evidence you need.
  • Nanny Camera - Make sure your kids are safe when you're out.
  • Spy Camera - The camera is perfect to spy on neighbors who might be vandalizing your property or to monitor the activity of a problem employee.
  • Hidden Camera - The unit is perfectly hidden within a functioning clock radio; it never looks out of place!
  • Wireless Camera - This unit is the perfect wireless camera because the digital recorder is built right in. No need to be frustrated with unreliable, limited range RF video transmitters to get the video signal to the recorder.

The applications for this unit truly are endless. It solves the problem of pulling cables to the camera because the recorder is built right in. When set on motion recording the unit will detect movement and record to the onboard memory. When the movement stops the unit stops recording. The system can be set to shut off when the memory is full or to overwrite the oldest clips and continue to record.

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Camera Housing Indoor
Resolution 420 Lines
Color Mode Color Only
Minimum Illumination 0.1 Lux
Iris Auto
Lens Type Fixed
SIgnal Type NTSC, PAL
Mount None
Minimum Viewing Angle 68 Degrees
Maximum Viewing Angle 68 Degrees
Minimum Zoom 3.6mm
Maximum Zoom 3.6mm
Operating Temperature 41 to 104
Video Connection BNC Female
Power Connection 5.5mm Female Plug
Tamper Resistant No
Vandal Proof No
Weather Proof No
Alarm Input/Output No
Auto Cruise No
Motion Tracking No
Window Blanking No

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