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The Workhorse
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The Workhorse


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  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Crisp, Clear Image Resolution
  • Long Range Camera (200ft) with Excellent Night Vision
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Platinum Resolution

700 Line - High definition.


Weatherproof cameras are built for outdoor reconnaissance. Wind, rain, snow and even extreme heat won’t affect performance..

Night Vision

Night vision cameras record crisp, clear images even in the blackest night. Keep your property secure 24 hours a day.

Varifocal Lens

This camera lens has variable focal lengths, allowing the fixed lens to refocus at greater or lesser magnifications..

Long Range (Zoom Capability)

Long range cameras are built to survey large areas and produce and record clear images from over 100 feet away from the lens..

Wide Angle Lens

Wide Angle Lenses make it easier to record a wide area with a single still security camera..

This product includes
Power Supply
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Wiring & Connectors
Recording Device

The Workhorse is a super long range camera with infrared night vision capability. During the day you can survey an area up to 200 feet away, and at night you’ll capture everything within 100 feet with perfect night vision.

The lens on the camera is manually adjustable (5-50mm), and you can be sure you’ll be able to train this camera on even the most distant outdoor targets.

At 700 lines of resolution, akin to our Gold level cameras, not only will you get the shot, you’ll be able to see nearly any detail within it.

Buying Tips

The Workhorse is the perfect outdoor night vision camera. It has impeccable range, it can see in even the darkest night, and it can withstand the worst weather you can throw at it.

The Workhorse is a super-long range camera, and it can capture clear, crisp images as far away as 200 feet.

The lens on the Workhorse is manually adjustable between 5 and 50mm. That means you can get a really wide spectrum of zoom shots - many more than the average security camera.

The night vision on the Workhorse is among the best we offer at EZWatch.

Unless you’re buying a replacement camera, security cameras and security camera systems usually are incomplete without DVRs to record the video you shoot. EZWatch is the premier online provider of complete security systems, with cameras, DVRs, and vital accessories included. With our kits you’ll be able survey and record at the same time.

Estimated Time To Ship Usually ships today if ordered by 3pm EST
Camera Housing Outdoor
Resolution 700 Lines
Color Mode Color Only
Imaging Chip 1/3" Sony CCD
Minimum Illumination 0 Lux
Iris Auto
Lens Type Varifocal (Manual)
SIgnal Type NTSC, PAL
Mount Wall
Minimum Viewing Angle 5.5 Degrees
Maximum Viewing Angle 50 Degrees
Minimum Zoom 5mm
Maximum Zoom 50mm
Maximum Range 200' Daytime, 100' Night Vision
Operating Temperature 32 to 114 (As low as -14 with heater on.)
Video Connection BNC Female
Power Connection 5.5mm Female Plug
Power Consumption 800mA
Tamper Resistant No
Vandal Proof No
Weather Proof Yes
Zoom Power 6x
Alarm Input/Output No
Auto Cruise No
Motion Tracking No
Window Blanking No

Features of The Workhorse

700 lines of resolution 700 lines of resolution is ten lines away from our Gold level standard (550 lines) and guarantees a good, sharp image for your viewing ease.

100' Night vision The Workhorse has a truly impressive range when it comes to night vision capability. Clarity and perfect recording 100 feet away from the source, in the dead of night, is a major advantage.

5-50mm Manual zoom lens A large focus range makes it easy to get the right shot for you and your security installation.

Weatherproof More than most cameras, even outdoor cameras, The Workhorse is tough. Built to withstand extreme weather like hard rain, hail, high winds, you name it, this camera is going to stand up in any conditions and provide you with the unwavering security you need.

Wall or Ceiling Mount

One Year Warranty With a one-year complete warranty, we stand behind the products we sell. If anything goes wrong with your camera during the warranty period due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace it free of charge.

A Lifetime of EZWatch Support EZWatch continues to provide support for 60,000+ customers and counting. We are still providing unlimited technical support to systems installed over a decade ago. Why do we invest so heavily in customer support? The answer is simple, you are important to us! Whether you need help choosing the right system or simply want help from an expert if you run into any challenges, you can be assured that we will stand behind the equipment we sell.

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Product Q&A

Can I use this camera indoors? The Workhorse is an outdoor camera, and perfectly suited for that job. It’s hardy and tough, it has fantastic night vision capability, and it’s a long range standard setter.

When you say this camera is weather proof, what exactly do you mean? In terrible weather, including bad rain and high winds, this camera is still going to get the shot. The casing of the camera is weatherproofed for all extremeties.

What are 700 lines of resolution? 700 lines is high resolution, akin to our Gold standard. It means you’ll get very crisp and clear images from this camera.

Can the camera provide good video even in complete darkness? Up to 100 feet from the camera itself, you’ll be able to see everything - even in pitch black night.


Before operating the Workhorse security camera there is a lot of information on wiring, power sources, maintenance and operation that you need to know. We’ve developed an in-depth resources section of the site for just this purpose. Using the information on these pages you’ll be able to effectively operate your system on your own without needing help from professionals. Here are some of the resource sections that deal with the Workhorse and other security cameras:

All surveillance cameras and complete video surveillance kits manufactured by EZWatch are covered by a 3-year limited warranty with the exception of spy cameras, hidden cameras, and IP cameras. These three categories are covered by a 1-year limited warranty. All-in one spy and nanny camera products with built-in DVRs are provided with a 30-day warranty. Products manufactured by 3rd party sources such as Honeywell, Sony and American Dynamics are subject to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer's warranty.

During the warranty period if your equipment is deemed to be defective due to a manufacturing defect and you are issued an RMA (Return Material Authorization) from our technical support department, we will repair or replace the product. During the 1st 30 days, we will pay for shipping to and from your location on any warranty items. After 30 days, the cost for shipping the product back to EZWatch is the responsibility of the customer.

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