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Security Cameras Made Easy

EZWatch is one of the foremost manufacturers and retailers of security cameras and equipment in the country. Our products have been shipped all over the world, to interests as diverse as retail shops, schools, homes and government buildings, and entities as security-conscious as Los Angeles County, the Department of Homeland Security, and the United States Pentagon.

We have the right security camera for any installation, any building, any setting, and any client need. Night vision cameras, pan tilt zoom cameras (PTZ), vandal proof cameras, license plate recognition cameras, and more. Our huge range of security equipment is designed to completely secure any building or public space, as well as effectively deter and prevent crime. Whether you’re looking to secure your home, your business, or your place of work, you’ve come to the right place.

Camera Types:

Night Vision

Night vision cameras provide night-time illumination of any area in crystal clear infrared video. No matter how dark it is, our cameras will be able to detect, illuminate, and help prevent anything untoward. These cameras can be used outdoor or indoors (for spaces that are simply dim or dark) and work just as effectively in either case. Night vision is a feature that can be added to almost any camera type - PTZ, Long Range, Vandal Proof, Hidden, you name it. Available with several types of lenses and in a range of resolution clarity, these cameras have you covered, even when you can’t see.

Pan Tilt Zoom

Pan Tilt Zoom cameras are designed to cover larger areas than a standard unmoving camera. They can sweep back and forth across a building, yard or open space, and they can zoom in on a particular area of interest. The tilt function allows the camera to sweep vertically, moving the field of vision up and down. Because the cameras are so flexible they are often the most practical option for security installations. Each camera can be completely controlled or programmed with ease by a single user, and combined in any number into a single system. Pairing PTZ cameras with night vision, long range lenses, or any other of our wide array of features is always a good investment, and only adds to their capability and functionality.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras are generally equipped with a few essential features. The first is night vision, which makes every individual outdoor cameras effective 24 hours a day. Another is PTZ capability, which enables the camera to sweep and survey a much larger area (with a generally high depth of field) without having to use multiple cameras, and is a good choice for the wide open outdoors. Vandal proof security cameras are an important consideration when you’re looking at outdoor features, as they keep the cameras viable for years and years. These are just a few of the exciting features you can add, but they’re some of the most essential.

HD-SDI Cameras

If you want to have the best image quality possible from your video surveillance system, HD-SDI cameras are the best choice money can currently buy. HD-SDI cameras transmit uncompressed 1080P video footage. This footage is then compressed into the H.264 format for storage and play back at a later time. When you choose to pay back recorded video from HD-SDI Systems the video is decompressed to allow viewing in full 1080P High Definition. This footage is on the same level of quality that you see on HD television channels or Blu-Ray movies - up to six times higher resolution than standard definition video cameras.

Long Range Cameras

What’s in a name? When it comes to long range cameras, the name pretty much sums it up. Equipped with special lenses that provide a high depth of field, long range surveillance cameras can do the job from great distances. If you have a very large area you need to survey, or if you want your security camera set up to be as far away and unobtrusive as possible, these are the right cameras for you. Sending video signal over long distances requires more dedicated hardware.

Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras, like many of the machines we make right here at EZWatch, are a popular choice for our roster of clients and new customers. The biggest reason for their popularity is their toughness. As we like to say, they can really take a beating! With dome cameras you won’t have to worry about vandals destroying your security operation, and you can be assured that any attempt to disable your cameras before a crime takes place will be thwarted. In addition, the dome cameras are not limiting in terms of features. Domed cameras can come equipt with PTZ, night vision, and long range capabilities.

License Plate Recognition

License plate security cameras are a wonderful way of keeping your parking lots safe and secure. Technological advancements have made it possible for cameras and systems like these to identify the license plate number of every car that enters and exists in a defined area. That means your system will have an exact idea of who’s in and who’s out, as well as a great way to catch thieves. Built in to these cameras is the ability to see through extreme weather and unfavorable elements - meaning they’ll work even in bad conditions.

Lens Types

EZWatch has both fixed and vari-focal lenses available in our cameras. Vari-focal lenses offer a more flexible and adaptable camera, able to literally focus at different depths of fields, to zoom and to reverse zoom. Fixed lenses are for cameras surveying a narrowly defined space - in other words, cameras that never need to change their field of vision to attain a sharper image or a more complete picture.

Resolution Lines & Color:

At EZWatch we offer our exceptional range of cameras in a variety of “lines” of resolution. The more “lines” a camera has, the sharper and clearer the video taken by that camera will be.

Our cameras are offered in lines as high as 1080 and as low as 330 (which is generally a rating for small hidden cameras and nanny cams). High resolution cameras, like our HD-SDI cameras, are essential to the safe and secure management of many homes, businesses, and public places, and EZWatch has been sure to offer the very best. When you’re browsing for a camera on this page (or on any other) you can narrow and define your search by selecting the line resolution you’d like to have with your camera, visible on the left side of the page.

EZWatch cameras record in black and white, color, or both (color during the day and black and white at night, for instance). The type of color you choose is up to you, but color video is good for identification purposes - when you can see not only the type of clothes but the color of the clothes (or hair or shoes or anything else) on whomever is being recorded, they’re easier to identify.

Invest in Your Security!

EZWatch Security Cameras are a safeguard, a deterrent, and a way to collect invaluable evidence. They have been keeping thousands of families, businesses, government buildings, public space and schools safe for decades (for more information on school safety, see our Safety Center for Kids). If you need an advanced, cost-effective, multi-function security system, EZWatch has the right cameras for you. Invest in your security with EZWatch.

Before you decide on a security system, there is a lot of information on wiring, power sources, maintenance and operation that you need to know. We’ve developed an in-depth resources section of the site for just this purpose. Using the information on these pages you’ll be able to effectively operate your system on your own without needing help from professionals. Here are some of the most important articles in our resources section: