Spy and Hidden Cameras

Our Spy and Hidden Security Cameras provide covert, modern surveillance for homes and properties.

  • Disguised as Clocks, Smoke Detectors, and More
  • Perfect for Indoor Use
  • Available with Built-In DVRs
  • Lifetime Technical Support



Spy cameras and hidden cameras are an evolving part of the home and building security landscape. Nanny cams, body cams, and pinhole cameras are all new and excellent ways of monitoring and securing areas or people without being seen or suspected. Modern surveillance isn’t always about monitoring external threats; sometimes you need an eye trained on the interior.

At EZWatch our spy cameras are top notch. Like all of our cameras they can be customized to fit the scope of your security project, and you can order custom packages. Features like night vision, pan-tilt-zoom capability, IP capability, and vandal-proof lenses and casings make these cameras every bit as effective and high quality as a standard security or surveillance camera.

When you order from EZWatch you get more than just an excellent set of spy cameras. You get access to our world-class customer service division, who wait on your call 12 hours a day with advice and detailed explanations for whatever you need. These security professionals are trained to answer any questions you might have about your hidden cameras and spy cameras, and our mission is to make our products easy to install and use for our customers.

Order you custom packages of spy cameras from EZWatch today!