3 Foot BNC Video Patch Cable
  • 3 Foot BNC Video Patch Cable
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3 Foot BNC Video Patch Cable
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3 Foot BNC Video Patch Cable

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A short patch cable used to connect a DVR/Multiplexer to a nearby Monitor.


3 Foot BNC Video Patch Cable

A short length of cable used to make a quick connection between two nearby devices. Most commonly used when connecting a DVR, VCR, or Multiplexer to a nearby monitor. An optional RCA Adapter allows you to use this to connect to a standard TV or to a monitor which does not have a BNC video input.

Cable Specifications

  • Length: 3ft
  • Type: RG59 Coaxial
  • Video: 95% copper shielded coax
  • Connection: BNC
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3 Foot BNC Video Patch Cable

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