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32-Channel PCI Card Professional Grade
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32-Channel PCI Card Professional Grade

Item # EZKIT32-PR

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The 32-Channel PCI Card Pro from EZWatch manages up to 32 simultaneously recording security cameras and 32 audio feeds. Recording at 960 total FPS with crisp, clear resolution these cards turn your PC into a fully functional security system.
  • 960 FPS
  • Add Cards for Additional Functionality
  • Turn Your Computer Into a Security DVR
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16-Channel PCI Card Professional Grade   +$1,699.00

EZWatch 32 Channel DVR Capture Card

This EZWatch Card Based DVR Kit includes the DVR Capture Cards as well as the EZWatch Evolution recording software needed to transform your current PC into a powerful Video Surveillance Recorder. The Card Based Kit includes the specialized hardware required to capture surveillance video and record it to your PC. This system uses the new high quality industry standard H.264 compression technology for video storage and supports a full 30 frames per second (FPS) live viewing and recording at up to 704x480 resolution. This technology was developed to provide the highest quality video compression with the lowest storage requirement.

Choose Your Performance Level

Only EZWatch allows you to choose your performance level. Our standard video capture cards record at 7.5 FPS for each camera at 640x480 resolution. The standard cards are great for homes and small businesses. If you require higher resolution or real time recording, you can upgrade to the professional series cards, which provide 30 FPS for each camera at a full D1 resolution.

Remote Viewing

One of the most popular features of our EZWatch system is the ability to remotely view live and recorded video from any high speed internet connection or 3rd generation cellular telephone. Our built in web server ensures that you can connect from any system with Internet Explorer, avoiding the need to install additional software to view your surveillance system.

3G Cell Phone Compatible

EZWatch is compatible with many models of the latest generation of 3G Cellular Telephones for remote viewing. If your phone is compatible, you will be able to view your cameras remotely through your telephone.


The EZWatch video surveillance DVR’s are easily expandable; you can add additional capture cards to the DVR expanding your surveillance system to support up to 48 cameras. No additional software is needed; its as simple as installing the additional DVR cards into your computer and booting up. You can also easily add Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera control hardware and Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras to your surveillance system.

Easy & Flexible Operation

Our EZWatch system supports a variety of recording modes, alarms, notifications and schedules. Motion detected recording is easily accomplished; allowing you to adjust sensitivity levels for individual security cameras and block out areas you would like the software to ignore. Custom schedules can be created for recording with a mix of motion recording and continuous recording throughout the day.

Advanced Software Features

The smart guard system allows for many triggers to be configured such as; object missing detection, foreign object detection, signal loss, security camera view blocked, security camera out of focus and general motion. On detection, the system can respond in a variety of ways, which include; sending an email alert, making a telephone call, sounding an alarm, redirecting an optional Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera to that location or triggering an external relay. Of course if you ever need help with configuring anything on your system, our free technical support is available for as long as you own your EZWatch surveillance system.

Audio Recording

Using an EZWatch DVR you can capture and record audio when the separate microphone kits are installed. The EZWatch Evolution software allows you to assign your audio feed to any of your video feeds and the files are combined when recorded, if you save or backup that video file the audio is saved with it. There are legal and illegal ways to record audio. Please check your local, state, and federal regulations before installing.

Estimated Time To Ship Usually ships today if ordered by 3pm EST
Video Channels 32
DVR Type Capture Card
Complete DVR No
Compression H.264
Max Resolution 720x480
Max Recording Framerate 30
PTZ Controls Yes
Remote Access Yes
Expandable Yes
Expandable To Up to 48 Cameras w/ Additional Cards
IP Compatible Yes
Audio Channels 32
Mobile Phone Support Yes
Operating System Windows 8
Software Included EZWatch Evolution

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32-Channel PCI Card Professional Grade

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All surveillance cameras and complete video surveillance kits manufactured by EZWatch are covered by a 3-year limited warranty with the exception of spy cameras, hidden cameras, and IP cameras. These three categories are covered by a 1-year limited warranty. All-in one spy and nanny camera products with built-in DVRs are provided with a 30-day warranty. Products manufactured by 3rd party sources such as Honeywell, Sony and American Dynamics are subject to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer's warranty.

During the warranty period if your equipment is deemed to be defective due to a manufacturing defect and you are issued an RMA (Return Material Authorization) from our technical support department, we will repair or replace the product. During the 1st 30 days, we will pay for shipping to and from your location on any warranty items. After 30 days, the cost for shipping the product back to EZWatch is the responsibility of the customer.