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Need High Quality 1080p Surveillance? Shop HD-SDI Systems

Why buy a complete security system?

EZWatch makes it easy for our customers to create and customize complete security camera systems, according to their needs and priorities. Purchasing one of our systems can cut your total cost almost in half simply by ridding your need to hire professionals to install your system. We provide everything, including unlimited, lifetime tech support, to get your system up and running.

Ready-to-use security camera systems include


Complete security systems

A complete security camera system from EZWatch provides all the basics of a video security network in one easy to use package. These packages are built to suit the various needs of our diverse client base. For smaller buildings or homes we have a basic four camera package. For larger clients our packages can expand to as many as 32 cameras. If your main concern is outdoor security, we have several security camera systems with night vision capability and a tough casing that makes vandalism nearly impossible. If you are looking for HD Security Systems, our HD-SDI Complete Systems record footage in crystal clear 1080p resolution and come packed with features such as advanced motion detection and privacy masking. You can choose a security camera system with motion sensors, with audio recording capability, with “live” viewing - if you have a security need, we have the right package to fill it. If you're having trouble figuring out exactly what you need, check out our Business Security Cameras Buyer's Guide or give us a call!

First rate home & business security camera solutions

EZWatch has been providing our clients with first rate home and building security camera solutions for more than a decade. Our products are rigorously tested in over 60,000 real life applications, are easy to use, and come with the best customer service and support in the business. Let us help you keep your property secure - invest in an complete EZWatch security camera system today.