Field of View Calculator for Camera Lenses

The field of view refers to the area that is visible through the camera lens. Lenses can be wide-angle, medium-angle or narrow-angle, and the tool below allows you to enter the camera lens format, distance to the object, and focal length of the lens in order to calculate the field of view that a lens with those specs would provide. You can also calculate the specs by putting in the field of view that you need in order to find a lens that meets your field of view qualifications.

If you need any assistance calculating the field of view you need, please contact us.

If you need help figuring out the right system for you, our Security Camera Systems for Business Buyer's Guide can help guide you!


1) Select your lens format.

2) Enter either distance and width OR height and lens size.

  Enter distance to object (in feet):   
   Enter width of picture (in feet):  
   Enter height of picture (in feet):   
   Enter size of lens (in millimeters):  

3) "Calculate" all other fields.
(Press "Reset" to clear the form.)