Setting Up Remote Access on an EZWatch Pro 4.0 System

This guide assumes the following:

  • You have video from your cameras
  • You have your EZWatch PC Based DVR connected to a router
  • You are able to access the internet using your EZWatch DVR
  • You are running EZWatch Pro Version 4.X

Step 1

Turn on the Remote Access servers by going to Config, then Network Services. Ensure that the Live Streaming and Remote Playback servers are running (Server Status: "Running"). If you plan to connect using a cell phone you will also need to start the 3GPP server.

Step 2

Minimize the software, then access the Start menu.

  • For Windows 7 or Windows Vista:
    Type in "CMD" in the search box on the bottom of the start menu, then hit enter.
  • For Windows XP:
    Click on "Run", then type in "CMD" on the new window that appears, then hit enter.

An MS-DOS Prompt window should now appear.

Step 3

Type in "ipconfig" into the MS-DOS Prompt window, then hit enter. Write down the IP Address and Default Gateway (Windows Vista and 7 users will have "IPv4 Address"). Type "exit" and hit enter to close the prompt window.

Step 4

Go to the website using your internet browser. On the list of routers on the front page (Scroll down), find your router based on its make and model and click on it. On the advertisement page that appears, click on the text "Click here to skip this advertisement..." in the top-right corner.

Step 5

Click on the text "Default Guide" in the fourth paragraph of this new page. Do not scroll down to the list of programs, EZ Watch Pro is not on the list.

Step 6

Follow the instructions given by the site to log into your router. When it asks you to enter the "internal IP Address" of your router, type in the Default Gateway number that you wrote down during step 3.

Step 7

Follow the directions on the site to configure Port Forwarding in your router. You will need to forward ports 80, 5150, and 5160 to the IP address of the DVR (That you wrote down in step 3). All ports are "TCP" ports.

Optional Smartphone Setup

If you wish to connect from a compatible smartphone, you will also want to open up port 554 (Both TCP and UDP) as well as the port range 6970 through 7010 (UDP only).

Step 8

After your ports have been forwarded, get your public IP address by going to

Setup Complete!

You should now be able to access your cameras remotely. If using Internet Explorer on a remote PC, type in http:// into the address bar, otherwise simply enter the IP address, username, and password of your DVR into the remote live viewing software.