PTZ Configuration Guide for TurboView Systems

This guide assumes that the PTZ camera is showing video; if it is not, double check your video and power connections or call 866-241-3400.

For a PTZ camera to be able to be controlled by a DVR, the camera and controller MUST be speaking the same language (Called "protocol") and speed (called "baud rate"). The two must be physically connected using two-conductor wire running from the RS485+ and - ports on the DVR to the camera. Lastly, the DVR must be sending signals using the correct camera address.

Technical Support Is Available

Should any step of this guide fail or should you require additional assistance please contact technical support at 866-241-3400.

How to connect your PTZ Camera to a TurboView System

Step 1

Begin by verifying the connection from the camera to the controller. Ensure that your two-conductor cable is securely connected to the RS485 wires on the camera side, and that you know for certain which is positive and negative.

Step 2

Power cycle the camera (Unplug power to it, then plug the power back in). All current EZ Watch Pro PTZ cameras will display their current Protocol, Baud Rate, and Address during their powerup cycle. The protocol is typically "PELCO-P" or "PELCO-D" (May be seen as "P-P" or "P-D" respectively). Baud Rate for Pelco-P is normally 9600; for Pelco-D it's usually 2400. Ensure you have the Protocol, Baud Rate, and Address written down.

Step 3

JOYSTICK: (If you are not planning to use a PTZ Joystick and only control the camera from the DVR, please skip to step 7) If you are using a joystick controller, plug the RS485 wires into the joystick controller on the back.

For the EZ Watch Pro AU40E, there will be green terminals you can secure with a screw; slide the RS485 + and - into their appropriate terminals and tighten the screw with a phillips screwdriver.

Step 4

On the back of the AU40E joystick, there is a bank of 8 dip switches. If your camera is using Pelco-P 9600, set switches #3 and #6 to the down, or "on" position. If your camera is using Pelco-D 2400, set switches #1 and #2 to the down, or "on" position. All other switches should be left in the up, "off" position.

Step 5

Plug in power to the joystick, or power cycle the joystick if it's already plugged in. Set the joystick to control the correct camera address by typing in the number then hitting the "cam" button*.

*Note: EZ-TRACK PTZ Cameras that are set to the Pelco-P protocol may incorrectly display their camera address as one lower than it is. If the EZ-TRACK camera shows address 00, then it is controlled as camera 01.

Step 6

The AU40E joystick should now have control. If you have difficulty controlling the camera, double-check all settings and wiring and try again.

Step 7

TurboView DVR : Run two-conductor wire from the back of the joystick (If present) or from the camera into the RS485 ports on the back of the TurboView DVR. RS485+ from the joystick/camera must plug into the TX+ port, while RS485- from the joystick/camera must plug into the TX- port.

To plug a wire into the port, hold in the orange tab with a small flat screwdriver and slide the wire into the green port. Release the orange tab and tug gently on the back of the wire; if you have a good connection, the wire will be unable to pull free from the back.

Step 8

Enter the DVR Menu (Default username is "Admin", default password is "1111"). Go right twice to the "Devices" section, and hit enter on "Camera/PTZ".

Step 9

Check the camera number that the camera appears on in your TurboView Monitor (Note: This can differ from the address). In the "PTZ" section, hit Enter to change the protocol until it matches the one of your camera. Use the arrows next to the ID number to adjust the IDuntil it matches your camera's address. If you do not know the camera's settings please see step 2 above.

Step 10

Highlight the "..." button under Set., and hit enter. Change the Baud Rate to match your camera, then hit OK (Silver units : The OK button is the icon of a diskette).

Step 11

Hit "OK" at the bottom of the Devices screen to save your changes. Exit the menu by hitting "Esc" to return to the admin icon, then choose the "Exit" option from the menu.

Step 12

To control the camera, bring it up fullscreen in front of you. Press the "PTZ" button on the remote control, and a small dome camera icon should appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen. You should now be able to control the camera and adjust the zoom/focus using the buttons on your remote control.

Setup Complete!

You should now be able to control your PTZ camera through the EZWatch Pro software interface. If you have any questions or need additional assitance, please call tech support at 866-241-3400