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ALPR Camera Platinum
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ALPR Camera Platinum


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Designed and Engineered in America! The ALPR Platinum Camera is designed to capture license plates in both day and night regardless of lighting conditions. 

  • 700TVL Crystal Clear picture. 
  • Captures license plates at up to 120' distance at speeds up to 75MPH in any lighting condition. 
  • Adjustable shutter speeds. 
  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • Scanning speed at 60 frames per second. 
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ALPR Camera Platinum

Designed and Engineered in America!

The ALPR Platinum sets the standard for the absolute best in License Plate Security Camera. Capture crystal clear images of license plates at distances up to 120 feet at speeds up to 75MPH. Through the use of Sony's latest Effio-E Chip set combined with our power built-in LED Illuminator the ALPR Platinum captures the industry best crystal clear 700TVL images. It's license plate recognition is second to none.

If knowing and being able to clearly identify vehicles with certainty is important to you the ALPR is the only choice you can be absolutely sure of. 

The ALPR License Plate Camera uses an optical character image method to capture vehicle license plates. It can be used with any DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with Full D1 resolution and real time (30 frames per second) recording speed. In comparison with other high cost (Automatic License Plate Recognition) systems, this unit provides a low cost and easy to use license plate capturing solution.

Optical Character Images Method (OCIM)

There is a reflective coating on license plates used in America and its coatings are different between the plate background and the characters. The ALPR Camera uses special infrared lighting to allow the camera to take high contrast images reflected from the license plate. In other words, the images of the license plate background will become white and the characters on the plate turn black. Thus, a clear license plate picture will form under this high contrast configuration. This ensures that the license plate security camera will always get the image you need.

The OCIM is a method consisting of active infrared illumination wavelengths, and the control of camera shutter speed. This OCIM is significant to the result of the resolution and accuracy of the images under different conditions. It is adjusted to optimize the capturing results for vehicles with various speeds. Its infrared lighting is always on (7/24), therefore, the image results between day time and night time is consistent. Even under different weather conditions; rainy or bright sunshine, the ALPR Camera can still obtain satisfactory images.

Cost Effective

For common surveillance needs to capture a license plate number it is not necessary to incorporate a more costly ALPR system. End users usually call for particular video clips with the license plate number shown when an accident or mishap event happens. Most dedicated license plate cameras require software from the ALPR system to read the characters from the plate. The ALPR License Plate camera can work with any regular Full D1, real time recording DVR. At a recording frame rate 30fps and 720x480 pixel resolutions, it can capture a clear license plate image even when the vehicle is moving. Since the cost of a Full D1 DVR is at least $3000 cheaper than other ALPR systems, using the ALPR Camera Platinum is more cost effective.

EZ Installation

The ALPR License Plate camera has a 5-100mm vari-focal lens, able to zoom from 40 feet to 120 feet away from the camera. To obtain the best result, it is recommended to zoom-in the image until you get the size of the license plate about 1/10 of the screen size, e.g. if you are using a 17” monitor to view the image, the license size appears on the screen should have approximately 2.5” x 5”. The best view angle should be within 45 degrees. It is also recommended to install an ALPR camera with an overview camera. As it will capture mainly the license plate image and the overview camera will capture the vehicle image simultaneously. Installing is as simple as installing a regular surveillance camera; just run a full copper RG59 Siamese cable and power by a 5-Amp 12VAC Power Supply (included with camera).

Make your surveillance system complete!

Adding an ALPR Camera into a surveillance system will make a complete solution to many applications. Monitoring a vehicle entering or exiting a premise, an overview camera will capture the color, make, and other details of the vehicle; and it will obtain the license plate images. We can easily identify the target vehicle for law enforcement use, or as evidence for legal purposes. The ALPR Camera is the license plate camera that provides accurate, cost effective, and satisfactory results.

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Camera Housing Outdoor
Resolution 700 Lines
Color Mode B&W Only
Imaging Chip 1/3" High Definition
Minimum Illumination 0 Lux
Iris Auto
Lens Type Varifocal (Manual)
SIgnal Type NTSC
Mount Wall, Ceilling
Minimum Zoom 5mm
Maximum Zoom 100mm
Maximum Range 120 Feet
Operating Temperature 14 to 120
Video Connection BNC Female
Power Connection 5.5mm Female Plug
Tamper Resistant Yes
Vandal Proof No
Weather Proof Yes
Alarm Input/Output No
Auto Cruise No
Motion Tracking No
Window Blanking No

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ALPR Camera Platinum

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