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Ben Cornett - CEO of EZWatch
Ben Cornett

Safety is as important as education in our schools, and many security camera systems are not sufficient when it comes to protecting our children. We test every system extensively to reduce the chance of faulty technology and ensure the highest level of quality. Our sales, support, and technical experts are all located in the USA, ready to give you the best advice, the best products, and ultimately, complete peace of mind.

Why Choose EZWatch?

  • Highest grade technology (we test our products constantly)
  • Lifetime technical support (NO call centers)
  • 30 years of experience (we know which systems work best for every situation)


"I would recommend EZWatch over ANY other Surveillance and Security company found on the Internet. Their products, expertise and access allow them to get you the products fast and allow for one-on-one communication that is absent with most other companies."

Very Respectfully,
1LT Albert C. Galvan
C. Co. 2/124 INF

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