Security Cameras FAQ

As easy as our security camera systems are to install, we know there will be some questions here and there. On this page we cover frequently asked questions such as:

  • What is your warranty on your products?
  • Do you offer installation?
  • Do your cameras offer remote viewing?
  • Are my current cameras/system compatible with your hardware?



We get a lot of questions on the security cameras we sell. It comes with the territory. Our General FAQ page covers a lot of the common questions but this page is devoted solely to Security Cameras.

For more than ten years, government agencies, commercial buildings and educational systems (and homeowners too, of course) have been installing and using EZWatch systems to solve complex and sensitive security challenges. Go ahead, kick our tires. When it comes to our systems, we want to help bring two unlikely terms together for you—sophisticated and user-friendly.

We come to you from the heart of the U.S.A. in Louisville, Kentucky, which is an advantage our customers can't stop talking about. We're talking first and foremost about fast shipping—destination everywhere. Follow that up with the fact that we at EZWatch provide direct customer service in order to streamline the consulting, buying and installation process. That’s a big deal. We put our dime on superior hospitality and top of the line products same-day shipped out of the middle of America. If you have any questions, call us today at 1-866-241-3400 to speak with a representative.

About Security Cameras

Can I change the types of security cameras that come in your kits or change the number of cameras? How do I customize?

Yes. All of our kits can be modified as you choose. You would be required to pay any difference in price. In order to modify a kit, you will need to call our toll free number (1-866-241-3400) during our extended business hours.

What is the maximum cable length for a camera run?

You can run a camera cable up to 600 ft. with RG59 and up to 1000ft with RG6 cable. Even longer lengths up to 1 mile can be achieved with twisted pair cable. Special twisted pair to coax adapters are required part #VB-KIT.

How much video and or recording time can I get with EZWatch security cameras and equipment?

There are several variables that control the amount of video recording which can be stored on your system. The number of frames per second you are recording, how many security cameras and what resolution you are recording all impact the amount of video which can be stored. You can increase the amount of video history the system can store by performing any of the following. They are listed in the order we would recommend.

  1. Add More Hard Drive Space
  2. Use Motion Activated Recording Only
  3. Reduce the Number of Frames Per Second Each Camera is Recording
  4. Reduce the Recording Resolution

Can outdoor cameras be used indoors or vice versa?

Outdoor cameras can be used indoors but indoor cameras cannot be used outdoors. Dome cameras should not be used outdoors unless protected completely from the elements

What kind of connectors do your cameras use?

Our security cameras all have BNC male connectors for video and 12VDC male connectors for power. All of our cameras are designed to run on RG59 or RG6 coax cable. BNC to RCA adaptors are also available for plugging cameras into a single VCR or TV but not necessary with our DVR's or capture cards.

Are my current cameras and/or system compatible with your hardware?

Provided that your system is CCTV ready or capable and use BNC style connections it should work. Our hardware works with most other CCTV equipment but we do not guarantee that it will work with every system. CCTV is analog therefore it can not be used on the same line as cable TV.

Does your system support audio and how does it work?

Yes, our system supports audio. It supports one audio channel for every video channel. A microphone kit is required for each audio channel desired. Part #MIC-KIT.

What are your minimum system requirements for EZWatch?

EZWatch requires that you have either an AMD or Intel processor of 1.5 GHz or faster. A Pentium 4 or Core 2 Duo is recommended. 512MB of system memory are required as well as 80 GB of hard drive space. Windows 2000 and Windows XP are the recommended operating systems that we currently support. Windows XP is preferred. There are many different types of hardware and computers out there. It is impossible for us to test every PC configuration, therefore we cannot guarantee that our product will work on every single system. We do not support Apple computers.

Do I need to have power at every single camera?

Every security camera must have power but you don't need to run or have an AC power outlet next to each camera. All of our 2 to 4 camera kits come with pre-made power and video wire with connectors. All security cameras can be powered with plug in power supplies on a power supply next to your recorder. With our 8 to 32 camera kits, we offer a multi camera power supply that can be mounted in a central location with power wires (two conductor/twisted) running to each camera.

Do you offer installation with your products?

All our systems are designed as 'Do it yourself' installations. EZWatch is simple enough that the majority of our customers can install it themselves. However, if you feel you would be more comfortable having a professional install the system we recommend calling a local electrician or handy man. They are considerably less money than a Security Dealer and have more than enough expertise to complete the work.

Can I watch my system from a remote location? What is that called and how does it work?

The EZWatch software will do what we call 'Remote Access'. It requires the main computer on-site with the security cameras attached and a remote personal computer or laptop. You need internet access at both locations. We recommend that you have a high speed internet connection such as DSL or Cable. EZWatch will also work with satellite but the connections are very slow. The uplink with satellite is often too slow to even get a good connection. A static internet protocol (IP) address from your internet service provider is not required but recommended. EZWatch uses IP addresses to get from one security camera system to the next.

You can either use the Internet Explorer browser or our remote client software that you install on the remote computer to access your camera system. You type in your IP address at the remote location to access the cameras. EZWatch uses a series of ports to communicate; port 80, 5150, and 5160. These ports need to be available and accessible from the internet in order for EZWatch Pro to work. EZWatch can also be used on the web provided you have the web server running. Check with your network administrator or service provider for further technical questions. EZWatch is a software suite with programs that facilitate security surveillance. All software is included in our kits and comes on the installation CD. No fee is required to run the remote access.

Payment and Shipping

What shipping method do you use? uses UPS for fast reliable shipping. When you check-out, you can choose from UPS ground, 3-Day Select, 2nd Day Air or Overnight Delivery. Overseas and International Shipments are offered UPS Worldwide Express or Expedited Shipping.

How much do you charge for shipping 2nd Day Air or Overnight?

That is determined by the weight of your package and your zip code. Shipping is calculated at the time of sale.

How long does it take to get my order after I place it?

Normally, it takes 2 business days to ship your order after you place it and about 5-7 business days on average for delivery. Most of our customers receive orders within 7 business days. UPS red and blue orders are priority and normally ship out the same day that you place your order. Shipping times are dependent on what we have in stock. The majority of our products, including security cameras, are always in stock. For all orders shipping UPS 2 day or overnight, please call our representatives for assistance. Our UPS pickup time is 3:00 pm MST. Please call at least 2 hours in advance for orders shipping overnight or 2nd day.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, Master Card and American Express. We will also accept checks. Cashiers checks and money orders are preferred but we will also accept personal or business checks. Checks can be mailed to us but the order will not ship until the check clears the bank. We only accept purchase orders from government funded entities. We do not ship products C.O.D. We also accept PayPal and Google Checkout purchases.

Policy and Warranty

What is your warranty on your products?

All of our security cameras and products carry a one year parts and labor warranty from the time of purchase. Extended warranties can be purchased for 4% of the sale price for each additional year up to 3 years. Our warranty covers all product malfunctions and or defects. Our warranty does not cover acts of nature, crime and or misuse. Examples are lighting strikes, vandalism and improper installation and or use. Our warranty will not cover anything that has been smashed, broken or burned. We reserve the right to determine if the product is within warranty or not.

What is your advanced replacement policy?

All security cameras and equipment purchased within 45 days are eligible for a Paid advanced replacement. If a security camera fails, a replacement part can be sent out. The customer would pay in full for the replacement part. A credit authorization number is issued for the defective product. All conditions for return still apply. A 100% credit will be issued upon arrival of the defective/original product.

What is your repair policy and what can I expect?

All defective products, including security cameras, that are within warranty are eligible for return for repair. You must call one of our Support representatives and have them issue an RMA number (return manufacturers authorization). All security cameras and other equipment being shipped back must be packaged correctly for them not to be damaged in shipping.

We are not responsible for what happens to items during shipping and will not cover any damages due to shipping. We are also not responsible for any lost items in shipping. All items must have the RMA number written on the box to be accepted. We will do our best to get your repair or replacement sent to you as soon as possible. In most cases, products are repaired and shipped within 2 business days. Repair time is dependant on shipping time and whether the item is in stock. All DVR repairs are performed by professional technicians with 1000's of hours of bench experience. All DVR's sent in for repair are tested for 24 hours before being sent back out.

What is your policy on lost time and or money?

At EZ Watch, we do our best to ensure customer satisfaction. We do our best to make sure that product is delivered in a timely manner. We also back up our products against defects. We will back up our security cameras and equipment to the extent of the warranty. Our technical support representatives will do their best to support any technical matter that comes up in a timely manner. As such, we are not liable for any lost time and or money during installation.

Our installation guides and handouts are proven by doing it ourselves therefore we are not liable for any damages such as lost time and or money by misuse or incorrect installation. This is indicated in our E.U.L.A. or end user license agreement.