License Plate Recognition Cameras

Our LPR Cameras automatically track cars and people at distances up to 200 feet.

  • Track Vehicles Up to 50MPH
  • Capture Plates Up to 200 Feet Away
  • Super High Definition
  • Lifetime Technical Support

License Plate Recognition Cameras


License plate cameras have commercial as well as law enforcement applications. The devices are comparable to closed-circuit television cameras programmed to capture license plate data. Depending on hardware and software capabilities, these cameras may obtain equally clear images from moving and parked vehicles. This data may be stored, erased, or forwarded to third parties as needed. Part and parcel of technological advances in the field, which make this type of equipment more useful than ever, are camera designs that filter out blinding headlights and yet capture high-quality images even during times of darkness or inclement weather. If you need stringent monitoring of cars moving through your business property, a license plate security camera gives you exactly what you need.

ALPR Camera Platinum

Case in point is the LPR Camera Platinum. Designed for outdoor wall mounting with a female plug power connector that supports easy hookup to a building’s wiring, the camera offers black-and-white playback with 700 lines of resolution. Images are crisp, clear, and make identification of individual plate components a snap. The image chip is a 1/4" Sony Exview HAD CCD, which functions even during zero Lux conditions. Users of the License Plate Reader Platinum enjoy unambiguous images at a minimum zoom of 10 mm; at the same time, the camera allows for a maximum zoom range of 120 mm. Night vision range goes as far as 150 feet; during daylight hours, the range extends to 200 feet.

The setup is suitable for temperatures ranging from -10 degrees Fahrenheit to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Although weatherproof, the LPR is not tamper resistant or vandal proof. Secure installation is a key component of continued functionality. It is noteworthy that the LPR records license plates as well as human faces, which provides another layer of security for a business. Please note that the facial tracking feature works up to a 50-foot range.

Who Benefits from License Plate Readers?

When security is paramount for a professional reputation, license plate recognition cameras deliver results without incurring a large security expense. A business should not be without one or more of these devices, especially if it provides access to a parking lot, deck, or similar structure on its property. Proof of the efficacy of these devices is long-established.

Just last year the New York Times reported on the city’s 238 license plate cameras, which provide results similar to a commercial license plate camera. Already these security devices have been credited with effecting a significant reduction in auto thefts - figures went down from 17,855 to 10,334 - and an increase in arrests and property recoveries. There is little doubt that license plate recognition cameras, installed on a business property today, are sure to add to the security of the venue.