Long Range Cameras

EZWatch Long Range Security Cameras record clear video from hundreds of feet away.

  • Daylight Vision Up To 600 Feet
  • Night Vision Up To 300 Feet
  • Perfect for Outdoor Security Applications
  • Lifetime Technical Support
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long range surveillance camera

EZWatch Long Range Security Cameras

When you aim to protect large outdoor areas over multiple acres, regular security cameras just won't cut it. Every long range security camera we sell is weatherproof and includes night vision recording capabilities between 100 and 300 feet. Having this longer-range detection generally means that fewer cameras are needed, lowering your costs accordingly. Savings can also be recognized by having less expensive mounting options, since the cameras can cover a much farther distance overall.

Long range surveillance cameras offer numerous benefits:

  • Firstly, they offer you better piece of mind knowing that you can mount your cameras in a stealthy location of your choice and still have the range to survey important areas. This can be the difference between a criminal seeing your cameras beforehand and attempting to destroy/disable them, and them going unnoticed and bringing you the critical footage you need. 
  • Secondly, long range cameras almost always come with top-notch night vision, which ensure that you can leave things running 24/7 with no interruption. This keeps you from having to fork over your hard-earned money for more security cameras than you really need. 
  • Lastly, many long range cameras also offer pan tilt zoom (PTZ) options which enable you to have full control over the direction your camera is pointed at any given time. Most have a full 360 degrees of motion and a powerful zoom that allows you to keep a close eye on all area of your factory, warehouse, or important work area.

PTZ Optionslong range security camera

Many of our long range surveillance cameras come with pan tilt zoom (PTZ) capabilities, meaning you have full control over where the camera is pointing with an optional PTZ joystick control. These long range PTZ cameras can also be set to track movement via built-in motion detection algorithms, and can follow would-be trespassers all on their own. These PTZ cameras come packed with many other industry-leading features such as an Auto Adjust IR LED, programmable tour tracks, and full 360 degree rotation capabilities.