Night Vision Security Cameras

Our Night Vision Security Cameras record crisp, clear video even in complete darkness.

  • Cameras Work Indoors and Out
  • From Low Light to Infrared Technology
  • Invaluable for 24 Hour Security
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Night Vision Security Cameras

Night vision security cameras provide enhanced security by improving video images in low-light environments and creating the magic of vision in total darkness.

Perhaps the greatest feature of night vision cameras is that they are true 24-hour cameras, as they are the only cameras with the ability to record any event in a protected area around the clock when connected to a digital video recorder. The miracle of vision in total darkness is created through the use of infrared light-emitting diodes. Infrared light is a low-energy radiation that you cannot see with your eyes but provides the light source that is needed for an infrared-equipped camera to see clear images in darkness.

The true 24-hour camera produces images in full color in normal light environments, and when the intelligent sensor in the camera detects a lack of needed light the camera switches to black & white images for viewing in darkness. Alarm systems serve their purpose, but there is no substitute for the 24-hour cameras that provide a true record of any event and the ability to accurately identify people present at the event.

Types of Night Vision Cameras

Night vision cameras are available in two basic styles with many variations of each style.

Dome cameras are available from very small sizes designed to blend in well with almost any décor, where the viewing area needed is up to 40 feet, to large domes capable of viewing 300 feet in darkness.

Bullet-style cameras come in many shapes and sizes with viewing capabilities from a small space to highly intelligent cameras with the ability to read license plates on a vehicle traveling at 50 MPH at distances up to 150 feet in total darkness.

What resolution do you need?

Most true 24-hour night vision cameras from EZWatch Are available in three different resolution levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver-Level Cameras

Silver-level cameras provide good images with 420 TVL (lines of resolution) and will cover up to 65 feet with a 70 degree viewing angle on the bullet style and up the 45 feet coverage on the dome style with a varifocal lens viewing angle from 30 to 60 degrees. These cameras are good for standard security measures and provide a picture just shy of the quality found in most analog televisions.

Gold-Level Cameras

Gold-level cameras offer greatly improved image quality with 550 to 600 TVL (lines of resolution) and cover up to 100 feet on the bullet style with adjustable viewing angles and up to 45 feet of coverage on the dome with adjustable viewing angle.

Platinum-Level Cameras

Platinum-level cameras provide crisp, clear images at 700 TVL resolution at distances up to 150 feet night vision for the bullet style and up to 300 feet night vision for the PTZ IR Speed Domes. EZWatch highly recommends platinum-level surveillance for critical security measures.

What are the Benefits of 24-Hour Night Vision Cameras?

The major benefits of installing true 24-hour night vision cameras in homes or business include:

  • Knowing that you will have a recorded history of any event
  • The ability to identify people present at the event
  • The ability to view both live and recorded images remotely (with an internet connection)
  • Law enforcement appreciates video evidence of a reported crime and will have a greater ability to solve the crime quickly.
  • There’s a proven record that the presence of a video camera system substantially reduces the odds of a crime happening on your property.
  • Peace of mind in the knowledge that if a crime does happen you will have recorded history.

When shopping for a new surveillance camera, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. If you're not careful, you could end up with a camera that does little to nothing to boost the overall security of your home or business. For example, you are going to need a camera that has long-range night vision if you need to keep an eye on a vast, dark area. Without night vision, it would obviously be impossible to see out at night, when most crime occurs. And without long-range vision, the camera would fall far short of covering the entire area. Our Ultimate Buyer's Guide for Business Security Camera Systems helps walk you through items like this that you need to know when building out a security solution for your business.

Parking Lots

 Even if a parking lot is decently lit, regular security cameras are often unable to detect motion and activity in dark corners and far-off areas. This is where a security camera with long-range can come in handy. With a single camera, you will be able to monitor a large parking lot through the night.


Security cameras with long-range night vision are also ideal options for huge, dark warehouses. By investing in a high-quality security camera that includes long-range night vision, you will be able to save a lot of money because you won't have to buy several cameras to monitor several different parts of the same warehouse. You won't have to keep bright lights burning all night either, which can also cost a lot of money in terms of electricity.

Front Yards

By the time an intruder makes it onto your property, there is very little time left to react. Security cameras that are equipped with long-range night vision can peer out well beyond the edge of an average-sized front yard. In the middle of the night, you'll be able to detect suspicious activity long before it arrives on your doorstep. This can buy you a lot of valuable time and keep your family safer.

Apartment Complexes

The right security camera can dramatically enhance the safety of apartment complexes. That's especially true when it comes to the common areas and walkways that are usually found in sprawling apartment complexes. A single camera that is equipped with long-range night vision is capable of monitoring these types of areas with ease. In turn, residents are kept a lot safer, and the owners of the property can breathe easier knowing that exceptional surveillance technology is being used.

Traffic Monitoring

It's not unusual for criminals to case buildings and homes by driving around slowly at night. Of course, getting a close look at that kind of activity with the naked eye isn't easy. A security camera with long-range night vision will give you the ability to monitor traffic from afar. It will be easier to detect strange vehicles and other suspicious activity. This feature could be beneficial to a home or to a business.

You have plenty of options when it comes to security cameras. In many cases, it is well worth it to buy a camera that includes long-range night vision. Keep that in mind while shopping for your new camera to ensure that you get the right equipment.

Why Buy from EZWatch?

We have excellent products in every category with the highest quality hardware found in the industry.

Our security professionals know our products well, and they are familiar with most any security need you have as they most likely have experienced the same needs from many other customers. Based on this knowledge they are able to provide the proper help needed to design a custom system for your needs.

We offer excellent warranties, and we stand behind our products by offering FREE LIFETIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT.

Our cameras are weatherproof, extremely versatile due to the many models available, cameras are packaged with all necessary hardware to complete the installation and EZWatch Cameras are easy to maintain.

Discover the unique world after dark by installing true 24-hour night vision cameras. Chances are high that you will need them at some point, and our past customers can attest that you’re better safe than sorry.