Pan Tilt Zoom Security Cameras

Our Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras have a full range of features in addition to movement.

  • Pivots Up, Down, and Side to Side
  • Remote Operation Puts You In Total Control
  • Night Vision, Vandal Proofing, Weatherproofing
  • Lifetime Technical Support



Pan Tilt Zoom cameras are a special breed of surveillance equipment, with the ability to capture events from multiple angles and perspectives, as well as survey a wide range of territory at once. A single Pan Tilt Zoom camera can often do the job of several unmoving cameras, which are stuck with fixed views and therefore able to record only what falls directly in their path. The best Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, like the ones we sell here at EZWatch, have multiple functions in addition to movement. Functions like night vision, vandal-proof lenses and casings, and IP capability.


When you’re considering which type of security camera is the best for you, strongly consider PTZ models. They are unrivaled in their ability to sweep and monitor a wide range of space, and they’re easy to manage and control. Like all the others cameras we offer at EZWatch, these models have been battle tested in real life situations, and built to be easy to use and install for any buyer. They also come with our world-class customer service division, waiting to help you 12 hours a day.

The security of your home or building is essential to your financial well being and your peace of mind. Invest in an effective, proven, efficient system. Consider our top-flight Pan Tilt Zoom cameras.

Get the Shot You Want Every Time - Pan Tilt Zoom Security Cameras Make Surveillance Easy

Pan tilt zoom cameras are some of the most versatile and effective in the world of security. They can scan wide areas, zoom in on hard to see targets, and generally get any shot you can think of within a very wide range of angles and space. Of course not all pan tilt zoom cameras are made alike, and at EZWatch we have striven to provide our customers with a wide range of products, from the simple and low-priced to the high tech and multi-faceted. What is consistent with every product we offer is quality, and our guarantee of lifetime technical support and tremendous customer service.

So what pan tilt zoom camera is right for you? Why are they so valuable? And what kind of security installations could use pan tilt zoom cameras the most?

Pan tilt zoom cameras at EZWatch can be pure dome cameras or hybrids like the Ranger. They can be small and value priced like the EZ51Mini, or fully loaded like the EZTrack Dome or, again the Ranger. Choosing the right camera for your needs all depends on what kind of building you have, and what your security priorities are.

Are you an outdoor space looking for security that can scan a very large area? PTZ cameras could be right for you if you’re looking for a small scale installation in a large scale environment. You won’t be able to see everything at the same time, but you will be able to take the controls and get a good look at anything that’s in the range of the camera.

Do you need something that can see great distances, even at night? If so you should take a hard look at the Ranger, the creme de la creme of EZWatch PTZ security cameras and long range security cameras. The Ranger has incredible zoom capacity and can see out 300 feet even in pitch black night. That’s the most powerful, nimble and effective nighttime outdoor security we offer.

Of course not all security is outdoor, and pan tilt zoom cameras have their place in the interior of buildings as well. Large spaces, like warehouse and storerooms, are often in need of a camera that can sweep back and forth, zoom in on faraway corners, and generally provide excellent coverage from a variety of angles. Our EZ53 indoor PTZ camera is a good choice for that kind of assignment. It’s equipped with low-light capability - not night vision, but close enough to work in a dimly lit area like a warehouse or back room.

In any case where you need to survey a significant area without using a lot of cameras, a good pan tilt zoom security system is often the perfect solution. For people who want total control over the shots they get and the kind of video security they use, PTZ cameras are a great option for the tremendous amount of control they offer the user. At EZWatch we make sure all of our products are road tested and ready to vigorous use. We offer our customers lifetime technical support, detailed and easy to understand manuals, and of course excellent customer service. When you buy a product from EZWatch, you know building your own security system will be easy and effective.

The Benefits of Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

When considering options for any security system, there are a variety of products for customers to choose. One product that customers sometimes overlook is a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera. This unit is very versatile and could solve many of the more unusual and challenging problems presented by larger installations. When video surveillance is needed, this style of camera can take the place of multiple fixed cameras and will give a much wider and more complete view of any area where security is a vital concern.

What makes the Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera versatile is its ability to be moved during operation. For example, the camera could be placed at the intersection of two hallways. Wiring is run between the camera and a control unit that is stationed near a video monitor. The operator can easily control the view of the camera and survey the entire hallway, depending on the immediate need. This is beneficial when there are different foot traffic patterns that must be closely observed during different times of the day.

When used to monitor a larger area, such as an outdoor lot or a large warehouse, the zoom feature will allow the operator to focus on a more concentrated spot within the total viewable area. This allows for more specific detail to be recorded in the event surveillance material is required for review. The centralized detail will provide a better chance of identifying what actually happened in a specific area.

A Pan-Tilt-Zoom unit also can assist security personnel in locating problems in large crowds. The surveillance operator can move the view to scan a larger area and locate any of the issues that often arise when a large number of people congregate. The operator is then able to notify people in the area to head to the specific location and assist. If the problem moves from the original area, the camera can follow the action and keep the whole scene under constant surveillance. If there are any questions later, the complete scene can be brought up on video, instead of hoping that the stationary cameras caught every aspect of the incident and then piecing the different camera views together.

As with any security system, unless you opt for one hundred percent coverage, which requires many stationary cameras and tends to be very cost prohibitive, these Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras will allow you to cover a much larger area than with stationary cameras. The ability of these cameras to move with the action allows the operator to pick and choose the areas on which to focus and to assure that the targeted areas are monitored completely.

A PTZ camera can be a huge asset to anyone’s level of security within a well-designed security system. You can create a more complete level of coverage with fewer devices by carefully positioning a couple of these versatile units. If the same area only had static cameras, the coverage would be choppy and more units would need to be installed, giving you only a partial picture of any incident that might happen.

What makes a great pan tilt zoom camera?

Pan Tilt Zoom cameras are among the best high-end security surveillance cameras created today. They are designed to capture events from different perspectives with clarity and precision. In fact, PTZs can do the job of multiple non-moving cameras. They can capture many areas at the same time at varying angles.

In addition to their amazing capturing ability, PTZs can also feature night vision, IP capability and vandal-proof lenses and casings. They are user-friendly so operators do not have to worry about setting them up. Unlike traditional cameras, models like the Ranger, EZ-Track-Dome, EZ53 Indoor and EZ51 mini have all the functions that everyone looks for in a security camera. They are easy to install and use with a customer support service team that is willing to assist any time.

Pan Tilt Zoom cameras are very efficient and effective. They are tested and proven in the real world with excellent results. They are one of the most reliable security devices available these days. Users can capture any angle they like and freely scan a vast perimeter with ease and clarity. They can see targets right away and never miss anything important. Buyers can always get the most suitable PTZ models that fit their needs. Whether it is for outdoor or indoor security, pan tilt zoom cameras have it all.

The great thing about these cameras is that their advanced functions are unrivaled by any other security camera. This equipment has overcome all the deficiencies of traditional cameras. The Ranger PTZ camera can zoom out up to 300 feet even on a very dark night. It comes with night vision so users can see clearly despite the darkness.

Another unique feature of these cameras is that they can be used even in areas with unusual layouts. They are versatile and can be used conveniently with a remote control. They come with different resolutions that are not found with other popular security cameras. They can withstand any type of weather. Most importantly, many of the models are not noticeable. This means that they do not draw attention from thieves, robbers and vandals.

These cameras are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Many warehouses and storage facilities have already taken advantage of these products. They can certainly take care of businesses and goods. If you're looking to improve the security of your small business, our Ultimate Buyer's Guide for Business Security Camera Systems will walk you through your needs and help identify the best solution for you. PTZs can sweep left and right and focus on hard to reach corners. .

Security cameras are crucial in many buildings. Owners who are looking for total security equipment should turn to PTZ cameras. They are excellent solutions for people who want to take full control over safety and security. PTZs are guaranteed second to none in efficiency, quality and reliability. Owners don’t have to buy a lot of cameras to satisfy their needs. A single Pan Tilt Zoom Camera can do everything to make properties, buildings, goods, homes and occupants safe.

What to consider when shopping for a pan tilt zoom camera?

PTZ (aka Pan / Tilt / Zoom) cameras are capable rotating their lens so that they can capture more of what is happening around them. When a camera pans it moves left or right; tilting is when it moves up or down and zooming allows it to capture scenes at varying distances from the camera. A PTZ camera is typically more expensive than a fixed [stationary] camera, but is it a good investment?

Let’s consider the application. When considering a purchase of a PTZ camera (as opposed to a fixed camera) you must consider how wide a field of view you require. Start by standing where your camera is to be placed. If you need to turn your head left or right, up or down a PTZ is probably a good choice. One thing to note – just like when you turn your head, a PTZ camera will only capture what is happening in front of it. If for example, it is important to have continuous coverage of both the north and south views, you should consider two separate fixed cameras pointing in either direction.

When selecting your camera position it is also important to consider how it will be mounted. Remember, one of the benefits of the PTZ is that it can offer 360-degree views so if you mount it to the side of a wall or pole some of that 360 degrees will be looking directly at that wall or pole. PTZ cameras can be mounted to hang off and away from a wall or pole, or down from a ceiling, soffit or roof. Look for mounting options that provide the best sight lines. The last thing to consider when picking a location for your PTZ camera is height. Placing the camera up high will give you good sight lines and will keep it out of the reach of would-be vandals. However you should keep in mind that the camera may need to be serviced or cleaned, so you don’t want to pick a place that’s overly difficult to access.

Like fixed cameras, PTZ cameras are offered as analog or digital and in varying resolutions. The resolution of analog cameras is often measured in TVL (Television lines) and the resolution of digital cameras is measured in pixels. In both cases, the higher the number the more detail is being captured. Detail is one important element of video quality. (Please note it is not the only element of video quality). High Resolution (aka greater detail) will be helpful when viewing video on large monitors, or after zooming into a particular portion of the image. When it comes to security video, greater detail might be the difference in determining what a shoplifter grabbed, or if the license plate contained a B or 8, for example.

Capturing high-resolution video is half the battle, to ensure you have the best possible video evidence; you’ll need to also consider how that video is transmitted from the camera through the cabling, through the DVR and ultimately to the monitor. The state of the art is digital transmission, and there are two standards for digital transmission of security video. The first is known as IP and stands for Internet Protocol. IP cameras transmit their signals over category cable in the same way that your computer or VoIP phone transmit data. IP cameras are particularly useful because of the ubiquitous coverage of IP networks (you’re probably connected to one right now).

The second standard for transmission of digital security video is called SDI and stands for Serial Digital Interface. Cameras with SDI connections transmit their signals over coaxial cable –the same type of cable used in analog transmission, which is particularly useful when upgrading older analog-based systems to a high definition HD-SDI system. Whether you choose IP PTZ cameras or HD-SDI PTZ cameras, your choices of resolutions or features will not be limited.

You can take full advantage of a PTZ camera’s ability to move with a feature called “tracking”. PTZ cameras that can “track” an object are smart enough to recognize when an object is about to leave the field of view and can automatically pan, tilt or zoom to “follow” that object as it moves. A non-tracking PTZ camera can automatically move along a path that you determine is best. However, the timing of those movements is predetermined and cannot react to what is happening in real life. Imagine the scenario of person who leaves an object unattended. A tracking PTZ may stop what its predetermined to do and begin to track that person from the point they left the object unattended to the time that they get into their vehicle capturing critical evidence that you may have otherwise missed.

A scene’s lighting conditions are another common obstacle to capturing evidence grade video. The amount of available light is critical to capturing a high quality image, so what are you supposed to do at night? If your scene isn’t well lit at night, you should consider a camera with Night Vision. PTZ Cameras with Night vision are adorned with IR Emitters (small LEDs that emit Infrared light) and a special filter for their lens that allows them to capture quality video images even very dark conditions. Infrared light cannot be seen by the human eye, but just like a regular flashlight, it can still light up a scene when viewed through an IR Filter. But just like a flashlight, IR emitters will provide less light on an object the farther away that object is from the light source (in this case the camera). A quality PTZ camera with Night Vision might be able to capture a quality image from as far away as 1,000 feet during the day, but may only have a range of 300 feet at night. If Night Vision is important to you, be sure to position your camera accordingly and consider doing in the installation and calibration of your camera in low-light conditions.

PTZ cameras on the market today come with a wide range of features and benefits. Some features are more exciting or useful than others, so be sure to carefully consider what is most important to you. Keep in mind that PTZ cameras have moving parts and that over time (5-10 years depending on usage) the belts and motors that drive your camera can wear out. Your PTZ camera’s ability to quickly and precisely move as directed is a feature that is easy to take for granted, but it should not be overlooked. Invest up front in a quality PTZ camera and maintain your PTZ over the years with regular dome cleanings – by doing so you’ll be sure to enjoy the benefits of a smart camera that can see and do more.