Security DVRs

State of the Art DVRs are Vital to Quality Surveillance

  • Record and Store Hours of Video with One DVR
  • Maintains Clarity, Preserving Invaluable Evidence
  • Records Several Feeds at Once
  • Easy to Operate and Install
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Security DVR's - TurboView


  • Record up to 16 Channels at Once
  • Record Audio and Video
  • Remote Control Interface
  • Lifetime Technical Support
Turbo View Security DVRs from EZWatch include 1 terabyte hard drives, easy access to recorded footage through a simple remote controlled interface, the ability to record up to 16 cameras at a time and sturdy, reliable construction.
Security DVR's - Complete PC

Complete PC

  • Can Handle Up to 32 Cameras
  • Up to 32 Audio Channels
  • Includes Evolution Software from EZWatch
  • Lifetime Technical Support
Security PC DVRs from EZWatch are fully functioning security DVRs. Attached to a monitor they become a fully operational security system.
Security DVR's - PCI Cards

PCI Card

  • Cheaper Than Buying a DVR
  • Can Attach Multiple Cards
  • Turn Any PC Into a Surveillance Station
  • Lifetime Technical Support
PCI Cards are an easy and inexpensive way to turn your existing computer into a security DVR. They can be added on to practically any computer, and it's easy to add more and more as needed.
Security DVR's - HD-SDI


  • High-Def 1080p 30FPS Video
  • Records Audio and Video
  • 3-Year Hardware Warranty
  • Lifetime Technical Support
HD-SDI DVRs from EZWatch record at a full, high definition 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second. They come with a 3-Year Hardware Warranty and Free Lifetime Technical Support.
Security DVR's - NVR Software

NVR Software

  • Full network camera management
  • Link your IP cameras with any EZWatch Pro system
  • Intelligent Video Analytics
  • Lifetime Technical Support
Our NVR Software allows you to manage and record a network security camera connected to any of our analog EZWatch Pro systems. Just install the connection dongle to your EZWatch Pro system along with any supported IP cameras and the two systems seamlessly integrate with each other.

When protecting your home or business with any type of surveillance system, the data you collect will only be as reliable as the various parts of the system. Security cameras are a given. Another essential component is the surveillance recording method. There is little point in observing if you can't review the material.

The Importance of Security DVRs to Your Security System

Even if your surveillance is monitored around the clock, you must be able to dependably review specific footage. Security DVR systems are invaluable tools, providing customizable surveillance and easily accessible recordings. They effortlessly serve your needs for multiple camera feeds and diverse recording options.

A home security DVR is highly important when personal monitoring will likely be sporadic. The consistency and reliability of a security camera DVR setup from EZWatch brings real peace of mind to your daily life. Choose from a variety of systems to best meet your needs.

Different Types of Security DVRs

Turbo View Security DVR Systems offer a broad range of recording capabilities. Choose up to 16 camera channels while enjoying a full terabyte of hard drive space to store surveillance data. Turbo View captures both audio and video and has video recording rates of 60 to 480 frames per second (fps). A remote control interface provides viewing access, and select Turbo View systems include HDMI output.

The Complete PC Security DVR allows even greater flexibility. Attach it to any monitor for a fully operational system with up to 32 camera channels and up to 32 audio feeds. The HD frame rate tops at 960 fps, and PC DVR systems also include EZWatch's Evolution software. There is a terabyte of drive space for recorded data.

If you prefer to use your existing computer setup, consider adding the PCI Card Security DVR. Start small and add additional cards, or jump right to maximum capacity. You can record up to 32 camera channels and 32 audio feeds on the highest capacity card, which can be expanded to 48 channels. Video recording rates range from 7.5 fps to 240 fps.

All EZWatch security DVR systems come with lifetime technical support to help you set up and maintain your system.

How Security DVRs Work

Whether you choose a simple home security DVR or a complex business setup, your surveillance data records to a hard drive where it's stored for later review. You can adjust camera and microphone placement to suit your personal needs, and there is considerable flexibility in controlling various aspects of surveillance:

  • Choose continuous or motion-activated recording as well as select blackout areas for privacy.
  • Adjust recording sensitivity for each camera.
  • Choose which events to detect, such as signal loss, a blocked view, or object placement or absence.
  • Select your method of detection notification, including email, alarm or phone call.
  • Monitor select systems with remote viewing on 3G cell phones.
  • Use backup capabilities for further security and reliability.
These are just a few of the many customizable features available. Let EZWatch help protect your home or business with security DVR systems designed to meet your unique needs.