16 Channel Security DVRs

16 Channel Security DVRs from EZWatch effectively record and manage footage for large-scale security operations (up to 16 cameras at once).

  • Choose from Turbo View, PC DVR, or PCI Card
  • Record Audio and Video 
  • Suited for Large Scale Security
  • Lifetime Technical Support

16 Channel Security DVRs from EZWatch

If you’re checking out 16-channel DVRs, we should let you know that you’re approaching the big leagues of security solutions. Even with a system of this magnitude, though, we like to keep things simple. Our 16-channel DVR offerings are well suited for large businesses, warehouses, and retailers. Basically, if you’ve got a lot of space and a lot of valuable things within that space, keep reading.

Whether you’re looking for warehouse security, business security, or store security systems, you’ve got three DVR solutions to choose from: 16-channel Turbo View DVRs, 16-channel complete PC DVRs, and 16-channel PCI card DVRs.

Turbo View DVRs

For high storage capacity at a higher resolution, a 16-channel Turbo View DVR may be your ideal solution. These DVR systems can hold at least 1 Terabyte of footage and are easily expandable depending on the level of Turbo View DVR you choose. We urge you to call our technical support team to get a complete understanding of these options and which one is most catered to your surveillance needs.

Complete PC DVRs

An 16-channel complete PC DVR might be the best choice for you if you’re looking to plug a monitor straight into your system. With the EZWatch Evolution software already installed, your DVR system is complete! These systems can also be expanded up to 48 cameras and allow for remote viewing of your live video footage!


If you already have a PC for storage, consider a 16-channel PCI Card DVR. This is the solution generally meant for those who already have the storage capabilities they need in their PC (or PCs) and simply want to install the surveillance software to their system. These come in both value-grade and professional-grade, depending on the level of clarity you require.

If you need any further direction, please give us a call. We guarantee that we’ve got the store surveillance system or warehouse surveillance system for you.