32 Channel Security DVRs

32 Channel Security DVRs from EZWatch effectively record and manage footage for large-scale security operations (up to 32 cameras at once).

  • Choose from Turbo View, PC DVR, or PCI Card
  • Record Audio and Video 
  • Perfect for Very Large Security Installations
  • Lifetime Technical Support
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32 Channel Security DVRs from EZWatch

32-Channel DVRs are the largest DVR channel option offered by EZWatch. If you’re looking to store footage for a system containing more than 32 cameras, call our security experts about expansion and network DVR options.

Perfect for government applications, schools, corporations, and other large-scale installations, 32-channel DVRs come in two varieties that fit the wide array of security solutions needed within the high-surveillance sphere: 32-channel PC DVR Professional Grade and two options of 32-channel PCI cards.

Complete PC DVRs

Say you need a school security system, a government security system, a corporate security system, or a commercial security system. Your huge collection of assets are precious, and you’re looking for the best security solution out there (the kind that can only be hacked in Ocean’s Eleven). A 32-channel complete PC DVR might be the best choice for you if you’re looking to plug a monitor (or monitors) straight into your system. Because it’s a PC, your DVR system is easily expandable by adding more capture cards, and you can also get more than the minimum 1 Terabyte of storage. These systems allow for remote viewing of your live video footage and come with advanced software features to cover the details you won’t find in run of the mill security camera systems. This complete PC DVR will provide the finest details and even alert you however you may need, either by email, phone, or alarm.


If you already have a PC for storage and are looking to save, consider a 32-channel PCI Card DVR. These come in both value-grade and professional-grade, depending on the level of clarity you require. This is the solution generally meant for those who already have the storage capabilities they need in their PC (or PCs) and simply want to install the surveillance software to their system.

If you need any further direction, please give us a call. We guarantee that we’ve got the large-scale surveillance system you need!