4 Channel Security DVRs

4 Channel Security DVRs from EZWatch effectively record, manage and store footage from 4 security cameras at once.

  • Choose from Turbo View, PC DVR, or PCI Card
  • Record Audio and Video
  • Perfect for Small Scale Security
  • Lifetime Technical Support
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4 Channel Security DVRs from EZWatch

As it turns out, security camera systems require a means of storing video footage. With any security camera system ranging from one to four cameras, a 4-channel DVR is a vital component for compiling a complete DVR security system that will effectively capture and store weeks (or even months) of footage. If you’re perusing these options, we assume you’re either looking for something along the lines of small business security or residential security. If you’re looking for anything bigger scale, you might want to check out our 8-channel, 16-channel, or 32-channel DVR options.

Home security and small business security should be pretty basic, right? You just want to keep your concentrated collection of assets safe. We try to simplify the video storage process by offering you three flexible options: 4-channel complete PC DVRs, 4-channel Turbo View DVRs and 4-channel PCI Card DVRs.

Turbo View DVRs

If you’re looking for high storage capacity at a higher resolution, take a look at our 4-channel Turbo View DVRs. If this solution seems a bit more complicated than you anticipated for simple home or small business security, don’t worry. Give us a call and our tech experts will let you know just how simple both installation and management of Turbo View DVRs actually are, as well as how flexible these DVRs can be should you decide to expand your system in the future.

Complete PC DVRs

A 4-channel complete PC DVR is the best solution as a small business or home security DVR if you already have a monitor to plug right into the DVR. With the EZWatch Evolution software already installed, your surveillance DVR system is complete.


If you already have a PC for storage, consider a 4-channel PCI Card DVR. You’ll be essentially installing the EZWatch Evolution software and adding necessary storage space. This is the easiest and most inexpensive way of setting up a surveillance DVR with hardware you already own at home or in your business.