8 Channel Security DVRs

8 Channel Security DVRs from EZWatch can handle up to 8 simultaneous security cameras at once, and record hours of data on a 1 terabyte hard drive.

  • Choose from Turbo View, PC DVR, or PCI Card
  • Record Audio and Video 
  • Good for Mid-Range Security Installations
  • Lifetime Technical Support
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8 Channel Security DVRs from EZWatch

8-Channel DVRs are best suited for small retail security and office environments, as well as large residential installations. With the ability to capture footage from 8 security cameras, all entry and exit points as well as most needed surveillance spots throughout your location should easily be captured and stored in an 8-channel surveillance DVR. If you need something more large-scale than an 8-channel DVR, you might want to check out our 16-channel or 32-channel DVR options.

Whether you are looking for retail store security, office security, or real estate security, you’ll need a DVR to store weeks (or even months) of footage from your surveillance cameras. To keep to our name, we try to keep this necessity simple to accomplish by offering three storage solutions: 8-channel complete PC DVRs, 8-channel Turbo View DVRs, and 8-channel PCI Card DVRs.

Turbo View DVRs

For high storage capacity at a higher resolution, an 8-channel Turbo View DVR may be your ideal solution. These DVR systems can hold at least 1 Terabyte of footage and are easily expandable should you decide to expand your security efforts in the future.

Complete PC DVRs

An 8-channel complete PC DVR might be the best choice for you if you’re looking to plug a monitor straight into your system. These systems can also be expanded up to 48 cameras and allow for remote viewing of your live video footage!


If you already have a PC for storage, consider an 8-channel PCI Card DVR. For those who are looking to save, this may be the easiest solution, as long as your PC has enough space to store all of the footage you need.