Turbo View Security DVRs

Turbo View Security DVRs include 1 terabyte hard drives, the ability to record up to 16 cameras at a time, and easy access to recorded footage.

  • Record up to 16 channels at once, audio & video.
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Remote Control Interface
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Western Digital Purple Hard Drives

A great home or office security system is about more than high-pitched alarms and signs in the front lawn that warn intruders that a home is protected. A great security system keeps your family or business safe while providing you with the tools you need to monitor your building around-the-clock. A high-quality digital video recorder (DVR) is an essential component of any well-rounded home or business security system.

The TurboView DVR line provides function and reliability, no matter your security system needs. A full terabyte of storage on each hard drive means that you will be able to store and review security files even if you are away from home for extended periods of time. Such DVRs are also the ideal solution for the small business owner who needs to record and store footage for several weeks at a time.

TurboView DVRs are widely regarded in the home and office security industry as some of the best on the market. Compatible with both Mac and PC systems, these great devices are designed to offer long-lasting recording and data storage. They integrate seamlessly with security cameras and other components of your home or office security system to make for a complete, fully vigilant system.

Whether you need to record from four cameras, eight cameras or 16 cameras, TurboView has a DVR solution that fits your needs. Four channel systems are ideal for the home owner who wants to monitor the front, back and sides of his or her property. Eight and 16 channel DVRs are ideal for individuals who reside in larger homes or business owners who need to monitor movement across a large swathe of property.

High-quality recordings taken at 60 fps (frames per second) or 120 fps ensure that your security footage will be clear and easy to see. The easy-to-use TurboView interface allows you to quickly review footage on your home computer. Depending upon the model you choose, your TurboView DVR will also support playback on a device with an HDMI or VGA input line.

No matter your security system requirements, a TurboView DVR provides the high-quality recording and storage capabilities that you need. If you are using a security DVR device in your home, you can easily fit a TurboView into your kitchen or home office. Individuals who use a TurboView DVR in their businesses can locate this durable, compact device in their personal office or security office.

Video files from the TurboView DVR can be easily backed-up in case you need to store them for longer periods of time than the massive one terabyte drive will allow. Easy recording direct-to-drive helps you to avoid the hassle of inserting new discs or tapes in order to enable recording. You can also use a TurboView DVR with a battery back-up system to ensure that you are never without security footage. Compact, high-quality and built to last, TurboView DVRs are the perfect solution for security footage recording in almost any situation.