My wife and I were recently relocated and moved into an area we were unfamiliar with. Within the first two weeks, my wife’s car was broken into right in our driveway. Needless to say, she was spooked, and I was not happy. Being that I just happened to be traveling through EZWatch’s hometown for work, I decided to drop in to see what they had to offer.

Upon entering, I was quickly escorted to an office where I explained my situation. I was surprised to find out that I was talking to the CEO of EZWatch, Ben Cornett. When I first walked in and presented my problem, he didn’t know who I was from a hole in the ground, but Ben was absolutely understanding and down-to-earth. Not only was he friendly and professional, but he helped assess my options, come up with a game plan, and personally worked with me throughout the trial and error process. Anytime I had an issue, the EZWatch staff was attentive and timely. The only hang up was MY lack of knowledge due in part to the fact that I did NOT read the directions (as expected…I’m a guy). Either way, a simple click of a button and “Live Chatting” with a staff member can solve any issue.

The system I installed was user friendly and one that I could put up in a few hours with little guidance. (Note: I am somewhat handy around the house but am NOT Bob Vila, so I spent more time with the cosmetics of the system than the actual installation.)

I would recommend EZWatch over ANY other Surveillance and Security company found on the Internet. Their products, expertise and access allows them to get you the products fast and allows for one-on-one communication that is absent with most other companies.

Very Respectfully,
1LT Albert C. Galvan
C. Co. 2/124 INF

EZWatch services have been a valuable resource to our company. Their staff is highly knowledgeable, responsive and reliable. After evaluating multiple products, we found EZWatch products gave us the best bang for our buck, and we couldn't be happier about our decision to choose them as a provider. We began using EZWatch at one of our locations, and after seeing the value and quality, we decided to implement their services at all of our locations. We strongly recommend EZWatch to any company looking for great service, great products and affordable pricing.

Carrie Kiser
Stafford Development

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and satisfaction for not only your products, but also for the support in installing the products I recently purchased from your outstanding team.

In August of this year, with the help of one of your sales associates, I designed and purchased an 8 camera system for my tow truck company. Originally, I was planning to install 4 cameras, but after the advice and consulting of one of your experts, I learned that it was more cost effective to upgrade to an 8 camera system.

On October 3rd, I received an early morning phone call, alerting me to a fire involving one of my tow trucks. Upon arriving on scene, the police informed me that a fire was intentionally set to my truck. To their surprise, and thanks to the upgraded EZWatch purchases on the advice and consultation of your experts, we had the incident recorded. Upon playback, the police mentioned how the resolution of the camera was picture perfect, allowing them to get a full description of the suspect out within minutes.

With the help of your support team I was not only able to playback the video for the officers but also make multiple copies to pass out to other officers. As a result of your cameras, the police were able to arrest the suspect within forty-eight hours of the arson.

If not for my EZWatch system and your support team’s suggestion, the police would have never known where to begin their investigation. Please pass along my gratitude to your entire team for an amazing job.

Sincerely a lifelong customer,
P. Curtis Bettiker
Gurnee Garage and Towing / Owner

I wanted to take a moment out to comment on the level of customer service that I received during a service call on 5/23/11.

I called in on an issue that I had with an Armor Pro DVR, once I explained the issue with the remote view software not working EZWatch immediately went to work on my problem. We tried several things. An EZWatch tech expert remotely connected to my laptop to verify my router settings, something no other tech had ever done. After about an hour and half of trouble shooting, we had no solution. It appears that my client will need to upgrade several of their sites if Remote View capabilities are required. I must mention that I did not sell this particular client these DVRs I just inherited these sites from a vendor who is no longer in business.

I am currently arranging a meeting to discuss the potential to upgrade 6 sites to the new 16 Channel Platinum Turbo View DVRs.

I was completely blown away with the level of service that I received from EZWatch! They were very patient and showed great concern with my problem! They made me feel as if I were their only caller for the day! They just continued trying different things and just would not give up!

I deal with other CCTV brands such as Pelco, Honeywell and Bosch. I have NEVER in 13 years come across the level of customer service that EZWatch displayed.

Keep up the good work!

Karl Wilkerson
Karl Wilkerson Communications, LLC.

I recently purchased an exterior long range camera which after installation did not meet my needs. I contacted the company and I received an immediate return authorization and then a friendly follow up telephone call to assist me in choosing the correct camera. At all times the company fully supported their return policy, made sure I was satisfied, and provided full credit for the returned camera. As a result and because of the credit, I was able to purchase two cameras with higher resolution.

It is rare to find a company which really does care about their customers and stands behind their product but EZWatch does just that.

Bill McKenney

I have been purchasing equipment from your company for some time now, and there are several factors that have lead me to become a frequent customer of yours. First would be your friendly and knowledgeable staff. In my dealings with your company, I have not felt rushed to buy, or hurried out the door, and as a consumer I definitely appreciate that. Second, you have a wide range of products, and I have always found something to meet my needs. The ability to compare the different cameras you offer has been a big help in determining which product to purchase. My business dealings with you have convinced me that when I install my own camera system for my home, I will absolutely be coming back to you. Thank you for the excellent service, and I look forward to future dealings with EZWatch.

Doug Carter

EZWatch has proven its value for our company in just the few months we signed on and installed them in our locations. We are able to use EZWatch to assist us in training areas and in safety for our Wendy's and Shell Stations. I love the fact that I can look in and observe the restaurants at any time but especially at night. I would recommend EZWatch to anyone interested in improving training and security in their businesses or home.

Jennifer Scarberry, COO
Stafford Foods Mgt., LLC

I own Cougartown Laundromat and it is open 24 hours. I was having trouble with homeless people sleeping on the floor and vandalizing the place. They were busting the fixtures in the bathrooms and causing expensive repairs and clean-up. I was never around when they would come in. I decided I needed to install a security system. Since they were coming into the Laundromat late at night, I needed something I could see from my home. After a bit of research I found EZWatch security systems. I purchased a system and installed it myself. That same night with the amazing software I was able to remotely view my cameras from my home. I watched as the vandals enter the Laundromat. I called the police and watched as the police gave them trespass warnings and removed them from the premise. This continued for about a week with a total of 6 different people being removed. The vandals soon realized they were being watched, and stopped coming in.

Another time I was able to review the recorded video and watched as someone stole an article of clothing. I was able to zoom in, and print out a snap shot of the thief. His mug shot was clear and he was easily identified. So far I have not had any more troubles. Now when I check my cameras at night, I see paying customers coming in to use my facilities. In the past they would come in to use the Laundromat but seeing the scary looking people they would leave. My business has increased and my paying customers are happier because I use EZWatch.

Mike Taylor
Cougartown Laundromat
Provo, Utah

Where do I begin? I can’t say thank you enough for all the help you gave me while choosing the correct security system for City Hall. You put up with countless phone calls that were each filled with questions upon questions. Thank you! You made me feel comfortable asking them and let me know I was purchasing a system that will work for us ...and we can install it! Best yet, you were willing to be there with support even after I purchased the product! That is customer service!!

Your patience, understanding of our needs was great! Your technical knowledge and understanding of how the purchased system would work for us was over the top!

I can go on and on with the great customer service, top equipment and technical support! Thank you again for everything!!

Hope to work with you soon to grow our system,

Laura Chamness
City of Carbondale
Carbondale, Illinois

I recently had a client of mine purchase two PTZ camera systems from your company. I had a little trouble with the setup but was able to get through the issues with ease thanks to your tech support. I just want you to know that I am going to be working exclusively with your company for all of my future projects because of the wonderful staff you have on hand. I would also like to let you know that EZWatch has been very helpful getting me signed on as a dealer, and answering my clients questions.

Thank you for everything your company has done for me and my clients. My job is so much easier working with a local company that has as good of staff as anyone in the business.

Josef Wavra

Working with EZWatch was too easy. I started with googling security camera companies and EZWatch was the 4th website I looked at. Right away, I could tell their system was easy to use and easy to install myself cutting our costs almost in half from the competition. When I had questions, Nicholas, one of their reps was easy to get a hold of by phone and by e-mail. I never waited more than 30 minutes for an answer. I highly recommend EZWatch.

Matt Pusatera
Royal Envelope Corp.

It has been my pleasure working with the staff of EZWatch. I had the tasking to purchase 6 surveillance systems, integrating new components with older versions and supplying complete systems to new facilities. The products and service provided was exceptional. Fast shipping and follow up with the purchase was terrific. I will definitely come back to EZWatch for any more systems my company requires.

Steve Lightbody

EZWatch has been extremely helpful in redesigning and outfitting our interview rooms and security cameras in our jail. I have placed many calls and asked many questions with no guarantee of sale, and they have been extremely helpful.

Sheriff Michael W. Brennan
Ashland County Sheriff's Office
Call us today at 1-866-241-3400 to speak with a representative.