Wiring and Accessories

Effective security is in the details. Our wiring and accessories work together to make your camera great.

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  • Monitors and Accessories
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EZWatch carries a large selection of wiring and accessories to support our cameras, DVRs, and all of our general surveillance equipment. That includes specialty equipment like siamese cable and video baluns for CCTV security systems. At EZWatch, no matter the application, we have the parts you need to keep your security system up and running at full force. 

Our products are designed to be easy to install. But with any do it yourself installation there can be problems. If you're looking for how to install security cameras our How to Wire guide walks you through all the steps needed to get your security cameras up and running. We also keep a large staff of professionally trained customer service experts on duty 12 hours a day to answer your questions and provide any help you might need. That’s also why we carry such a wide array of wiring and accessories. When you need a replacement part or if you simply want to add on to what you have, look no further than our online store for the parts and accessories you need. 

Security TagsWe carry specialty equipment like video baluns and siamese cable, as well as more common parts like splitters and connectors. At EZWatch, we have the products, the parts, and the service to provide you with the high quality security system you need.